April 27, 2014

JProm 2014

Hi guys!

So two days ago, I went to my school's junior prom. 
Let me tell you, I wasn't actually that excited the week leading up to the event;
I'm totally swamped with school work and quite frankly I was just too tired
to think of anything else other than school. But when I got to leave school early,
the excitement and anticipation started to kick in. I filmed a get ready with me video
and I'll share that on my YouTube (www.youtube.com/thevintagecroc) soon,
but for now, here are a few photos of my dress, hair, and makeup:

I got celiac tested (among many other tests) over spring break,
and as I suspected, I don't have celiac's. However, I still feel ten times
better when i don't eat gluten, however, I wasn't going to make a big deal
during prom and have something made just for me, so I ate what everyone else ate,
except for the chicken parm (still pescatarian) and the breadstick.

I also ate dairy that night for the first time in a very long time. 
I took advantage of the occasion and ate ice cream with oreos, 
reeses pieces (what else would you suspect from a peanut butter addict?), and 
caramel walnuts (of course). 

Although my stomach did feel bloated when i came home, 
I didn't have the same super uncomfortable feeling that I used to have.
I definitely attribute my lack of "normal sickness" to my apple cider vinegar drink
that I've been drinking twice a day. I get lots of great probiotics from this drink
to help my digestion.

Stay tuned for my get ready with me video!

xoxo, Hannah

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