April 14, 2014

Grandpa's Meatballs

I've spoken about my Grandpa's meatballs several times now,
and even though I'm still a pescatarian, I wanted to share his recipe
for anyone out there who's interested :)

Recipe: Grandpa's Meatballs
                                                            By: Hannah Claudia's Grandpa :)        

*My Grandpa eyeballs everything, so these measurements aren't precise

~4 cups worth of lean, ground turkey meat
2 potatoes, grated (sometimes he uses sweet potatoes)
~3 tablespoons of cornstarch
~1 tablespoon of salt
~3-4 "cap-fuls" (teaspoons) of soysauce


1. Mix all of the ingredients together. 

My Grandpa uses two big butcherknives to mix the meat. 
I know you're not supposed to overmix meat since it'll
result in a really tough meatball, but for some reason, based on past experiences of 
tasting my Grandpa's meatballs, they're never tough even though he mixes them like 
crazy lol. And the addition of potatoes helps to keep the meatballs 
moist, kind of like how Italians add breadcrumbs to their meatballs!

2. Either pan fry, bake, or steam the meatballs until fully cooked through.


Voila! Grandpa's meatballs.
They're definitely one of the things that I miss the most,
but hey, being pescatarian is still worth it.

What's a family recipe that you love?

xoxo, Hannah

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