March 3, 2014

Tips on How to Cook::Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan::Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Gluten-Free pancakes tend to be much more finicky when cooking them;
they stick really easily to the pan and they don't cook like pancakes (you don't see those bubbles).

After experimenting with an awesome recipe 
I have some tips on how to cook gluten-free pancakes ;)

Tip #1: Cook pancakes in coconut oil. Coconut oil has a very high
smoking point so it's a very stable oil. These pancakes take much longer
to cook than regular pancakes, so you don't want to risk burning a vegetable oil/olive oil.
Doing that can actually make the oil toxic and you don't want to put yourself at that risk,
so use coconut oil!

Tip #2: You know how people always say 
"don't flip the pancakes until you see bubbles on top!"? 
Well that doesn't apply here.
These pancakes are very sticky and caramelize easily because of the
natural sugars from the bananas, so every now and then, even before you flip,
use your spatula/turner (whatever they're called) and wiggle it under the pancake
to try to loosen/unstick it from the pan.

Tip #3: After you've flipped the pancake, continue
to use the scraping motion every now and then to loosen the pancake
from the pan. The second side will cook much quicker and will brown very 
easily, so keep an eye on the pancakes!

Tip #4: Serve the pancakes with some applesauce,
cinnamon, and unsweetened coconut flakes!!
I can't believe how unbelievably good coconut tastes with applesauce!
It's sooooooooo good ;)
The pancakes are very crispy on the outside due to the caramelization from
the natural sugars of the bananas, and that crispiness compliments the
smooth, creamy applesauce really well. As for the coconut,
I think that it just tastes really good...
it's become one of my obsessions lately if you haven't already
noticed from my past posts ;) there's literally coconut in every single recipe xD

Tip #5: If you do try pairing the pancakes with applesauce,
use the brand "Vermont Organic Village Applesauce" !!
I can't even fathom how good this tastes. 
It's creamy, sweet, but there's no added sugar or anything.
It's better than any applesauce I've ever tasted in my entire life,
and I know, that sounds crazy, but you just have to try this for yourself.
Downside: it's much more expensive than the generic brand for applesauce,
but it is all-natural, unsweetened applesauce, which is something that isn't easy to find in most
stores (unless you're at a specialty store). (approx $5-6 a jar)

Note: the pancakes are going to be very very moist on the inside 
even though they're really crisp on the outside! 


xoxo, Hannah

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