March 6, 2014

Throwback To: Germany {November 2012}

Throwback Thursday to:
Germany {November 2012}

One of the best experiences in my life.

Here are some memories:

Memory #1: Polka dot pants and giant golden leaves

Memory #2: Huerbachs Keller: where we ate dinner after the best concert of my life
at the St. Nicholas Church (the most beautiful accomplishment in the history of architecture)

Memory #3: Motel 6 in Leipzig: don't let the name fool you, this place was 
incredible and my roomie and I were lucky enough to get a corner room with this view:

Memory #4: This view. I can't even. UGH. So freaking beautiful.
Some of the tiles on the cobblestone street light up at night,
and the buildings are all lit up, and the streets are completely empty and silent.
It's peaceful and breath-taking and I swear I stood there for those two 
nights we stayed at Motel 6 for nearly half an hour just staring out the window.
Who wouldn't?!

Memory #5: A Rainy Sunday on Museum Island in Berlin.
My besties and I walked around, exploring in the rain, 
watching people fail at gambling, wearing our new Berlin hats ;)

Memory #6: Muffins at a classic European cafe in Berlin.
That same rainy Sunday, we ducked right into this cozy cafe
to warm up and kill some time. The "Miss Chocoholic" muffin was incredible by the way.
(German chocolate anyone?)

Memory #7: Even though I don't eat meat anymore, I still dream about this
hot dog. German hot dogs from street vendors are 10 billion times better than any American 
hot dog. Trust me ;)

Memory #8: Art flea market that rainy Sunday in Berlin. Little did we know,
every shop is closed on Sundays, so we had no where to go but explore
this unique flea market. I bought a gorgeous piece of artwork
of a piano to remember this trip by (we were in Germany for a school music tour).

Memory #9: German Truffles from Leipzig. These cute little
chocolates that I bought as souvenirs for my family were pricey
but I mean how many times am I going to be able to try real German truffles?

I know you're supposed to move on from the past, but what's one memory that you'd go back to in a split second if you were given the chance?

xoxo, Hannah

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