March 4, 2014

Making Soups Equivalent to a Meal?

It's not easy being a gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian 
who lives in a household full of carnivores.
The weekdays are crazy and super busy for me,
and I have little to no time to cook my own dinners.
In addition to making my own healthy "frozen meals",
I pre-make some soups the weekend before and reheat
the soup in less than 2 minutes for dinner.

I was completely vegan for the past week, and 
I always wondered in the past when I was new to eating clean
how anyone's hunger could be satiated without meat.
It's actually more of a mental struggle than anything else;
plants actually contain protein and enough nutrition to satisfy your
daily nutritional needs. You just have to be conscious of the fact that 
it's important to eat enough!

So when I eat my homemade creamed vegetable soups,
(cooked vegetables that I've blended to make a "cream soup without cream)
I either eat an entire mason-jar full of the soup (aka liquified version of lots of vegetables)
or 1/2 a mason jar full with some vegetables and a teeny bit of rice.
The soup isn't broth-based like chicken noodle soup, so there's actually substance to it
and I'm actually filling my stomach.

So if your weeks are jam-packed with things to do and 
you're getting tired of eating the same old frozen-meals, even if they're homemade,
try making some soups ahead of time.
It's comforting and you can reheat soup in a flash 
without taking too much time from your crazy schedule.

xoxo, Hannah

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