March 27, 2014

American Red Cross Lifeguarding Test Experience

Okay, so I can't tell you exactly what was on the test, but I'll explain the testing process or what the tests are to help prep you before your tests ;)

Written tests: 75 multiple choice questions (2 parts: 40 questions for CPR/AED/First Aid and 35 for Lifeguarding)

  • These test are taken on the very first day of the skills class/class in a "classroom setting", so be prepared and study!
  • you have 2 tries to pass each test (if you fail one part, you have to retake both parts). I had to retake the test because the lifeguarding test was pretty tricky and one of the instructors from the webinar classes missed out on a lot of info, but we were allowed to look at our mistakes and the correct answer before retaking the test.
  • Make sure you read the lifeguarding manual before taking the test!!! The test asks a lot about details and there are some tricky questions, so make sure you know the important details. 
  • You need an 80% or higher to pass each test.
  • You're given 40 minutes per test, so take your time if you need it!
  • You must pass the written tests in order to go to the poolside classes.
  • The tests are more focused on emergency hypothetical situations/skills rather than management and facility rules.

Practical Exam: CPR & 3 hypothetical scenarios
  • You take the test with 2 other people (you all take turns being the victim & the lifeguards)
  • The test scenarios do not change for each person; everyone does the SAME scenarios
  • You get 2 tries per scenario; if you have to re-do the scenario, you are given the EXACT SAME scenario so it's not very difficult to pass ;)
  • In my opinion, class was harder than the test!
  • Took less than 15 minutes total for everyone in my group to complete the test
  • Help each other out when you're taking the test ;) Not in a cheating type of way but work as a team.

That's the end of my 3-part blog series about my ARC lifeguarding experience! Good luck to everyone out there who's taking the course or is prepping for their test. You'll do great!

xoxo, Hannah

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