March 18, 2014

A Girl Styles a Guy

One of my favorite things to do is coming up with some outfit ideas for my brother. It’s fun to be able to style someone else for a change and he’s such a good sport ;).

In attempts to broaden his wardrobe, when American Eagle had a lot of winter items on sale, I helped him pick out some wardrobe pieces that were foreign to his wardrobe but are still what I consider staples in a guy’s closet.

Here’s my guideline for spicing up any random t-shirt for guys:

1. Add a cardigan: cardigans are much classier than hoodies and they make the outfit look a lot more mature even with the playful Tom & Jerry graphic tee.

2. Khaki/Camel/Tan colored pants: My brother only wears dark blue jeans in the winter, but I love how different colored pants can really change an outfit. Start off with a neutral color, like khaki, and add it to your outfit to make your outfit stand out more ;) I think my brother definitely looks more put together and mature with these pants.

3. Wear something other than sneakers! : These boat shoes aren’t particularly fancy, but they instantly make any guy look well-dressed since the majority of guys wear sneakers most of the time. Not that there’s anything wrong with sneakers, but since they’re worn so often, they’re typically viewed as extremely casual. Wearing some boat shoes or loafers instantly amp up an outfit.

BIG thank you to my little brother who was such a good sport for letting me take photos of him ;) 

xoxo, Hannah

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