February 1, 2014

Saturday Thoughts

First Saturday without SAT class. 
Feels SO weird!!
Good weird though; I was able to get homework done
and watch lots of Friends xD
Today was full of cooking, getting chores done, and DRIVING for the first
time in a month ;) 

A tip to anyone who has just started driving:
(not that I'm an expert by ANY means)
it'll get easier and you'll feel a lot more confident.
I promise.
I can't even begin to explain how nervous I was
when I started driving; I was scared to death and
I always over-criticized myself. I struggled from
turning to just driving straight!!! 
I remember talking to my awesome Driver's Ed 
teacher a couple days after my first lesson, and he told
me that it just takes time and practice and he was right :). 
It really does just take time to build up your confidence and 
comfort. Driving is such an unnatural feeling
at first and it may seem really hard in the beginning,
but after you get on the road a couple times, 
you'll feel a lot more comfortable sitting in that driver's seat.

When I was driving today,
even though I haven't driven in a month, everything just clicked
(including my seatbelt---make sure you guys wear that!) and even though
some of my turns weren't that smooth and whatnot,
I was relaxed the entire time and it felt soo GOOD to drive.
So if you've started driving recently or you're about to and you feel nervous,
don't worry. It'll come to you eventually. 

Hope everyone has an awesome Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow!

xoxo, Hannah

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