February 22, 2014


I'm sorry to all my gluten-free friends out there (myself included) but this
isn't for us...it's for those out there who can enjoy gluten!

I absolutely love Laura Vitale's YouTube channel;
I've been watching her since I was 12 or 13 and I've basically learned
how to cook from my own experiments and from her videos ;)
When I saw her video for popovers, I knew that my family would 
LOVE them.....and they did.

Unfortunately, I can't give my own opinions on how these taste,
but based on my family member's compliments, I think it's pretty safe to say
that they're incredibly delicious. They're super light and fluffy;
it's like eating a souffle apparently ;)
Popovers (aka Yorkshire Pudding) can be sweet or savory,
so be creative when you make these babies:
add some cinnamon and brown sugar 
or do what I did and add some rosemary, oregano, and anise!

By the way,I didn't make these in a popover pan, 
I used a muffin tin and they still worked out perfectly!

Send some love to Laura Vitale and check out her recipe & channel:

Happy Saturday!
xoxo, Hannah

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