February 3, 2014

Eventful Snow Day

So this morning at 6 am, like any regular Monday morning, I got up and 
prepped for school. I looked outside the window and I knew that it would
snow today, but there was nothing outside yet so I figured that we might have 
an early dismissal. After waiting at the bus stop for ten minutes, with no hat,
I raced back to the house to grab another jacket with a hood. My hair was soaked,
my toes were numb, my nose was ice cold, and I was not in a good mood.
After another five minutes of waiting (FREEZING) at the bus stop, I called my mom
and asked her to check if there was school. My brother and I walked back to the house
and my mom met us at the door to tell us that there was no school. It wasn't even 7 am
yet, so I basically got up and froze for nothing.

Like any normal person, I was annoyed, but you know what helped to alleviate the pain?
Watching three episodes of friends, editing videos, and drinking hot French vanilla tea for 
two hours ;) 

I didn't dare to venture out of the house again until 2:30 and i spent the rest of the 
morning studying. My lunch was my homemade minestrone soup (recipe to come!), but to
make it even more indulgent (cause that's mandatory on a snow day), I poured the soup
into an oven safe dish, covered it with American cheese (one of the few types of regular, non-raw
cheese I eat) and some ham for my brother (I've lost my taste for meat!! I consider that a success?) , 
and broiled it until the cheese got all GOLDEN and BUBBLY ;)

While I raced up to my room to grab the camera to take the pictures above, 
the phone rang, and THANK GOODNESS I didn't just hang up when
I didn't recognize the voice (sorry, I know, it's such a douche-y move to do that
but you won't believe how many 1-800 numbers call us). You know why??

Because a lady from Brown University
called me and recognized that I'm interested in their summer programs
and talked to me about it. It was crazy; I was out of breath from
running up the stairs and when she said the words "Brown University",
I basically lost all ability to speak. I was trying my best not to stutter and attempting
to cover up my panting ;) I was basically a nervous wreck when I was talking to her, but it 
was such a cool moment.
Now I realize that she didn't call to tell me that the university wanted to 
accept me as a student or anything (cause that's likely to happen lol), 
but it just felt SO COOL to talk to someone and for someone to acknowledge
my interest in something like that!!!!! So that was definitely the icing on top of the cake...
or cheese on top of the soup? idk...

At 2:30, the power went out...
I took that as a sign to stop studying and to go outside
and ENJOY the snow. 
I'm glad I did because it was just absolutely breath-taking out there.

My favorite thing about the street I live on is the fact that
trees line the street. When you drive down the road, it's like
you're royalty and the trees are like soldiers lined up with trumpets
raised in the air, playing a fanfare to welcome you. 
Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but fall time and winter time
is the BEST: during the fall, the leaves are all sorts of colors and you
feel like you're Timothy Green, walking down a path in a Disney movie,
and during the winter, when there's snow out and no cars on the road,
everything's just so still and quiet. Everything seems so fragile and delicate
and you feel so small compared to the world. It's pretty cool.

The power was still out for another three hours,
and it was getting really dark. We were starting to think that
the power wouldn't come back, so we prepared for the worst:
out came the candles and the flashlights ;) 
The house smelled like a bath and body works store!

Fortunately, the power came back on and I'm able to type this blog post ;)
I had some close calls though; I was extremely bored without wifi and 
light to study, so I hung around the kitchen...around all the glutinous temptations...

Temptation # 1.... (chocolate and pumpkin are my favorite...)
(but the blueberry cake and apple cider regular sized donuts are amazing too...)
(i wish i wasn't gluten intolerant xP )

Temptation #2.... (my homemade dinner rolls)

But NEVER FEAR cause I didn't cave in. 
I'm quite surprised that I didn't because I've given in to the 
temptations several times in the past, but I think reading
Power Foods for the Brain helped serve as reminder to myself 
why it's important to eat healthily (I love that book;
it doesn't simply just state what to eat and what not to eat; it
explains WHY it's important to eat a plant-based diet with
scientific facts that help serve as little mental reminders that really
help when making these paramount decisions).

So instead, for dessert tonight, I'm going to heat up some 
sweet potato puree and top it with some sweet pecans and 
my homemade cranberry jelly (naturally sweetened with dates) and 
banana slices. It's gonna be good and worth every single bite ;)

So this day has definitely been very, very eventful.
I hope everyone stays warm and safe with all the snow out there ;)
xoxo, Hannah

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