February 19, 2014

Best Pancake Ever::Dutch Baby/German Pancake

When I went to Anaheim in August,
the first meal that my family ate in California was
at The Original Pancake House :)

Although the wait to get a table was approx. 40 minutes,
it was totally worth it because the food was amazing!
Upon reading the menu, I was totally overwhelmed (in a good way)
by the vast selections of pancakes they offered, but in honor of my
trip to Germany two years ago, I decided to try their German Pancake.
This pancake is a million times better than any regular, generic pancake.
It's super light, fluffy, and it's like a little piece of heaven.

I'm a total pancake addict, and unfortunately, I can no longer eat 
most pancakes because I don't eat gluten, but I love making this for 
my family because they enjoy it so much!

I stumbled upon this recipe on: http://alwayswithbutter.blogspot.com/2011/10/blueberry-dutch-baby.html

Check out the recipe and try it out if you love pancakes as much as I do ;)

You're in for a real treat if you try this out!

xoxo, Hannah

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