January 26, 2014

Ice Cream Wasted

Post SAT selfies: to be honest, they really weren't that bad. I was in the same 
testing room as 4 of my really great friends and we basically had a blast despite having 
to sit in a seat and take a test for five hours. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better first-time SAT
test experience ;)
To top it off, it was SNOWING when I walked out of the testing center huddling next
to my friend. Maybe it was heaven's confetti to celebrate?

I was EXHAUSTED after taking the test, but being able to spend some quality family time with my cousins
was well worth the four hour drive :). 

We took pocketbooth pictures: one of them featured all of us
having either a honeydew or orange rind in our mouths...guess what was in mine ;) ?

first time I've had ice cream in a while. I've been trying to avoid a lot of sugary-cream filled stuff
since I became a lot healthier but I thought that I deserved it so I basically had a 
soup-bowl full of ice cream. I ate every. single. bite. (don't worry, I had a detox day today 
so it's all good).

way too many selfies in the restaurant. sorry. that's how you know you're ice cream wasted. 


taken on my cousin's iphone ;) photo creds to @beautyqueenscene on Instagram. 

It was a long Saturday, but lots of good memories were made ;)
xoxo, Hannah

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