January 27, 2014

Golden Hours

please excuse all the iPod selfies...yes, i look super orange but that's just the lighting.
i'm not that much of a carrot fan. 

Curly hair and a braided updo day; 
tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ57Yv--hGs

Today was one of those good days. I think the best part about today was
just coming to the realization that I have some incredible people in my life.
I'm so FREAKING GRATEFUL for the friends that I have; 
I know for sure that they always have my back and that
I'm surrounded by amazing people. 
I've been hanging out with some of these people for over five years now
but I don't think I've ever really truly come to the realization
that I have some really awesome friends who never fail to put a smile on my face. 
Often times on TV or in the media, high school is depicted as
a cruel and vicious place where gossip is as abundant as oxygen
and cliques rule the school...not my school. Well okay, there are definitely some
similarities but I think what makes high school actually enjoyable is that
my relationships with my friends have grown exponentially and 
everyone kinda just grows up in high school...there's not as much 
obsession about popularity and all that jazz,
and spending each and every day of the long school week is bearable
because of the incredible people around me. 
So today's epiphany has truly had a profound effect on me ;) today was awesome because of that.
I'm just insanely thankful for the friends that I have met <3 

xoxo, Hannah

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