May 2, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day ♪♫

Listening to "It's A Beautiful Day" by the wonderful Michael Buble.
Words can not describe how catchy that song is :)

Today was a beautiful day.
Sun was shining and it was seventy degrees out. 

School was so much fun today. 
My math test was beyond easy, 
and PE was awesome---
rock climbing ♥
second block ;) 
Talked to one of the cashiers in the cafeteria
during study hall. Why not? lol he's one of those
super friendly, easy going, amicable
We bonded over Iron Chef.

Lunch is always fun. Today for some reason,
our entire table engaged in one conversation
rather than the usual one on one conversations.
It's nice when everyone's circled around and it's like
we're having a little tea party at lunch ;)
so much laughter and smiles ☺
May is one of my favorite months;
where I live, it's finally getting warm again 
and the days are longer. 
What's not to love about that??

Loving lately :)
xoxo, Hannah

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