April 17, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

[my morning view from the bus ;)]

One of my greatest pet peeves is injustice. Injustice of all forms bugs the heck out of me, 
especially when it takes place in a setting that requires team effort. I get so frustrated when people
can not pull their own weight, but they will rather allow others to do it for them, and still benefit in the end without any lingering feelings of guilt. Maybe this doesn't  bug you, but I'm still trapped in that little
fairy tale world where everyone is equal, everyone gets a fair share according to their efforts and hard work. 
It kills me when others take credit for your work. I have pride in what I do, and when another is
recognized for what I put my energy and effort into, I feel like I'm left in the dust. Can you blame me?
Granted, these human feelings of frustration, anger, and desperation get to us all the time, 
these issues that seem colossal to us are petty emotions to the Almighty One. God gave up his Son, his pure, 
innocent, obedient, loving, only Son; just so we humans, 
the ignorant, hateful, undeserving, sinful beings, could live an eternal life. His Son did not complain. 
Jesus was forced to endure through problems that we face today too. He was despised by the majority of the people around him at that time. In my opinion, that's like a the Biblical parallel to bullying today. 
The difference is that he could remain loving and unselfish whilst we get angry and take revenge to justify our problems. 
I guess I'll always feel angry when situations aren't fair. But will things ever be fair for everyone? 
The answer is no. Our hard work may never be fully recognized here on Earth, but the comforting thought that I'll leave you with is that God sees everything. In the end, it won't matter who here on Earth notices. Besides, who are we to judge our own actions? There will be too much bias.
The ultimate justification for our actions are up to God to decide and he will reward us for the good things we do. 

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