April 12, 2013

Hello. Goodbye. Start all over.

Has it really been that long since my last post?
sorry about that.
The days seem to be going by sluggishly xP.
Everyday is a waiting game right now;
waiting to know what will happen next or what you
want to happen next. 
Sometimes I don't want to play this game. 
I want to quit and go back in time to before this game ever started
and wish for it to never happen.
but i can't.
doesn't that suck? you can never go back.
it's only forward from now on. pooh.

these days, the only things that have been keeping me distracted
are exercising (L♥VE @blogilates on youtube),
coming up with new healthy recipes, 
FRIENDS ;] (the show and in real life),
and youtube. lol. i'm youtube obsessed.
music helps too. i've been trying to discover new music.
i feel like there's not a lot of good music that i'm coming across lately.
one of my new finds is "Cuando Me Enamoro" by Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra :) 
we listened to it in Spanish and i'm listening to it right now ;) 
not much else going on lol.....
 i'm finding myself becoming more and more
ambitious about youtube ;) i don't think i'll go as far as making it a full time job or anything,
but as for now, it's just fun. and that's something i need now.
so when life gets boring, just go out and explore for a new hobby or obsession. 
make it a good one though; sure tv shows are awesome but make that new thing in your life
an x factor, something that will be worth your time and make you happy.

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