March 4, 2013

Tired Eyes


I wish I could see into the future. 
Sure, there are some things
that are just better left alone, to happen naturally, but wouldn't
it be nice to know if the time that you're investing into something
is worthwhile? Wouldn't it be nice to know that what you're 
worrying about is either worth or not worth freaking out about 
in the long run? And all those random, unanswered questions that I have
always wanted to know the answer to, like:

What kind of dog will I have in the future?
What color do I finally decide to paint my room?
Where will I live in the future?
Will I ever visit California? (hopefully the answer is yes)
Will I ever make the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies?
Will I ever come up with a perfect outfit with that hard-to-pair-with jacket?

I guess the point of not knowing the future or being able to look
into the future is to motivate a person to take action rather than sit 
around and wait for things to happen...but sometimes,
it's hard to make all these decisions with your intuition, and quite frankly, I don't
have enough faith in myself to do so. There's always a chance
for something to go wrong. And sometimes, curiosity kills the cat
and you just HAVE to know what when you skip
ahead to the ending of a book or episode(I know you've done it).

Spoiler alert: it will all end out according to God's plan, and whatever
happens to you is for the best.


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