March 4, 2013

DIY Fox Sweater

Here's my step by step journey through photos of my diy fox sweater. 
The idea was inspired by @evelinacutza on Youtube :)

I first sketched everything out on a piece of paper.
I then cut out the different parts and used them as
stencils to cut out my felt pieces. Stuff like the eyes
I just freehanded ;). 

*Instead of gluing everything with craft glue(didn't have any),
I hot glued the small pieces and sewed everything onto my sweater.

Body of the fox was split up into three pieces of felt.
I just sewed all three pieces together first, then cut off excess
felt (shown above). 

Double check to make sure the size 
of the fox fits nicely with your sweater.

Sew the fox onto the sweater!!


Sweater-$0 (old children's sized XL sweater from mom's closet)
+ Felt (2 pieces of brown felt, one piece of black felt, one of white)-$1.32

Total Cost** : $1.32  :DD

**(already had thread, needles, hot glue on hand)

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