February 6, 2013

Expect The Unexpected

Life right now is...kinda crazy; a mix of good, bad, and basically everything
in between. So many new things are happening, and at the same time, old problems
are arising and ruining everything. 
I've been noticing a lot lately how people who just have the greatest attitudes and
are so inspirational always have a huge issue or burden on them. In other words,
the worst things always happen to the greatest people out there. But that's what makes
those people so inspirational; the fact that they go on with life, always with a 
smile on their face, motivating and encouraging others. I'm always adding on
to my new year's resolution, so I guess I should start to make a 
life resolution? Kind of like a bucket list, but the things
I add are qualities/characteristics/habits that I want to maintain
or have to work towards. Not exactly something like "sky diving" that is a one time thing.
So the first thing on my "life resolutions" list:
Find good in all situations; never let negative influences ruin who you are or who you 
want to be.

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