February 18, 2013

Collared Tank Top DIY

Who doesn't love to thrift? (well okay my dad is one person who hates the idea)
But personally, hunting for vintage clothing at thrift stores is a challenge that
I'd accept any day. Last summer, I found this super cool pinstripe collared
shirt at The Salvation Army for around two dollars. Downside: it's a large. 
I tried sooo many different ways of tying it to make it look more fitted, but I 
was not successful. So, over the long weekend, I made this collared shirt into a 
collared tank top ;). 

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves. To avoid jagged edges and uneven cutting,
don't cut the entire sleeve off altogether. You know how the sleeve technically
is double layered when it's laid down flat right? Well I guess what I'm saying is
cut one layer and then as you cut that, you'll be turning the shirt over so that you cut
the other layer too. 

2. If your shirt is oversized, you can sew to the arm holes to adjust the size.

3. You can also cut off strips from the cut off fabric and sew it around the arm holes
to make it look neater(yeah i didn't do that xP). Or, you can cut two strips, glue them together, 
and tie a bow around the collar ;)

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