February 18, 2013

"Brandy Melville Sadie Tank"-inspired DIY

Have a t shirt that you L♥VE but doesn't fit you? Here's the perfect solution:

Start off with a t shirt. Mine was too small. (If your shirt is too large,
you may want to cut extra fabric off the shoulder part.)

Cut around the seams to cut the sleeves off. As mentioned in my DIY
collared tank top post, cut one layer at a time. (Cut around the seems, rather than 
straight cuts to prevent jagged edges).

Cut slits around the collar. Then, cut the collar off along the seams.
The slits will prevent uneven cuts.

See? It looks much neater this way. ☺

If desired, you can crop the shirt by cutting off as much fabric
as you want from the bottom. (I opted not to)

All done :)

Vist: www.youtube.com/thevintagecroc

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