January 6, 2013

Some Days

Haven't been posting anything for a while. Sorry about that :( I haven't been especially busy with anything, just focusing a lot on finding organizations to volunteer with, a part-time job (haven't succeeded with that yet), polyvore (www.thevintagecrocodile.polyvore.com), reorganizing my room, reading more books, PSAT practice :P, and trying to follow through with my New Years Resolutions :).

Proud of myself though about keeping up with my resolutions. The ones that I've been focusing a lot on lately are eating healthier and exercising/staying fit. Found some new recipes for lunch since I've been bringing lunch to school for the past four years. Rather than buying coldcuts and making sandwiches everyday, I've been focusing more on vegetables and fruits and eating things that aren't pre-packaged and are good for me. Exercising has been a lot more fun too; just short 20-30 minute intense workouts each night have truly been making a difference. I feel a lot more energized and less irritable ;). On the road to a healthier lifestyle ;D woop woop

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