January 20, 2013



is it too late to reflect on 2012? well i'm going to anyways.
2012 for me was an eye-opener.  
i turned 15, made a lot of new friends, traveled across the US 
and Germany, got my braces off, my style has evolved, and i have 
become much more confident. don't get me wrong, i can be really
shy still and i can't stand being in front of a group of people,
but i don't really care what other people think about me.
the opinions of my friends and family are what matter the 
most now, and i'm a lot happier when i'm not constantly
nervous or too scared to be myself.

kingston, ny ♥

i tried out for school sports last year for the first time ever.
it was a huge step out of my comfort zone; i didn't know most
of the girls on the team. but by taking this step, though i had 
some embarrassing moments, i experienced so much more than
i could have. i'm not as hesitant (though still a bit scared) to take risks,
which has truly made a change in my attitude when something new comes up.

wyoming ♥

i explored so many new places in 2012. traveling the
world is on my bucket list now, for sure. i love every single
part about traveling. packing, not being able to sleep
the night before, even the delays in the airport can have
positive sides to them. exploring and learning so much 
when you're in a new environment; wanting to take a photo
of every single thing you see (and eat!), what's better than that?

germany ♥

relationships are so much more meaningful to me.
my friends have been there for me no matter what, 
always putting a smile on my face and helping
me see the brighter side to every situation. 
my family, though they can be frustrating at times,
always push me to strive for the best and to get
out of that comfort zone that always holds me back.

i know new year's isn't thanksgiving and you don't usually list 
what you're grateful for, but at the end of each year, i am and want to 
always be extremely thankful for the past years. for the good and the bad.
i think that's a good new year's resolution, right? striving to make 
each and every year the best it possibly can be. 
so an additional new year's resolution for me this year:
i'm gonna try to make 2013 as memorable as 2012. 

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