October 14, 2012

Make Memories Because No One Can Take Them Away ♥

Just some random photos that I edited and wanted to share ;)

This first photo was taken over the summer in a restaurant in Wyoming, right
outside Grand Teton National Park. The restaurant was called "Whetstone" and 
I had the best burger there :). While we were waiting for our food,
I noticed a piano just sitting on the side of the restaurant. I got up and started to play;
I most likely would not have started to play if there were more people in there but it
wasn't that crowded. I played "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. It didn't sound like it;
the piano was out of tune and half of the black keys were missing but it's a good memory.

Sibling love ;P
We were at the Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park.
We got up extra early, and it was well worth it.
The geysers don't look the same in the afternoon when the air's
gotten warmer, which is why it was so important to wake up
early in order to see the hot steam from the geysers in the freezing cold
Wyoming morning air.

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