October 5, 2012

Las Vegas Adventures

             As part of our family road trip last August, my family first flew to   
Las Vegas, Nevada for four awesome days. 
I'm still in high school, so I guess my experience in Las Vegas
is quite different compared to the stereotypical depictions of 
what happens there. Nevertheless, it was still fun :)

On the first day, we went swimming and had dinner at our hotel (the Monte Carlo☻). 
Afterwards, we visited the Bellagio ♥. It was beautiful. I completely fell in love with it;
it reminded me of a modern castle. I also freaked out when we walked out the door
and saw the Paris ;). The strip was so different compared to all the other cities I've been to. The lights were almost as mesmerizing as the ones in NY.
It was a cloudy night, I even saw lightning when I was trying to take a picture
Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to capture the lightning bolt on camera, but it was still cool ;)....but we 
had to rush inside cause it was going to rain.

Our second day was just as fun. We had breakfast at the Bellagio (our second time there), which
was much better, in my opinion, than the Monte Carlo. We even got miniature jars of
honey and jam :). 

We then ventured off to shop at the mall next to the Paris, visit the Coca-Cola and 
M&M factories, and see the Celine Dion concert (her 100th show in Vegas) at Caesar's Palace. 
The night ended with another downpour, but the day was way too fun to care.

Ice cream at Jean Phillipe's Patisserie at the Bellagio (third visit....we're in love
with that place) with our family friends who came arrived that day to join us on vacation . 
We also drove out to the Chinatown in Vegas, but it's not as good as the Chinatown in NY. 
The food was incredibly expensive, but the visit was worthwhile since we did
go food shopping at the supermarket in preparation for our loooooong roadtrip that was coming up. 

The first thing (other than slot machines) that I noticed at the airport in Vegas. 
I totally flipped out. I love watching his shows and I passed by his
brand new steakhouse several times. I also saw quite a few of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants.
Sadly, I never got to eat at any of them. 

yupp.....I'm in love with this place....

nighttime Vegas photo ;)

Our last night was pretty eventful ;) We saw the volcano show (don't really know
the real name of it), the pirate performance at Treasure Island (a waste of time :/), and 
a magic show.

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