October 14, 2012

A Brother Shares Childhood Memories and Grown-Up Dreams

Lately, I've been going to my brother's soccer games more frequently. 
I'm beginning to like soccer a lot more and I'm wishing that I was good at it.
It looks so fun. 

Random note, but I've realized that my brother and I argue so much (over the dumbest things) not because we're just complete opposites, but maybe because we're just too close. Does that even make sense?
Nevertheless, I've noticed that lately, we've both been trying to get along
better too. We don't see each other all day long
since we go to different schools, and the time away from each other allows us to get a break
from each other. When we come home from school, we always share stories about our day
and we'll even complain about school together ;). Maybe we'll become one of those types of
brothers and sisters who never got along when they were young but get along super well when we grow up like Ross and Monica Geller.
Or maybe we'll be just like Ben and Kate from..Ben and Kate :P.

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