September 30, 2012

Sick Day

As much as I love autumn, lots of people get sick around this time.
This past week at school, EVERYONE was sick. Including me. xP.
Sore throats, runny/stuffy noses, headaches, and fevers are no fun.
Here are just a couple tips/things that help me a lot with cold symptoms
that simply just take time to go away :) :

1. Salt Water: 
Warm water and salt really helps to fight off germs in your throat
and soothes your sore throat so that it's easier to swallow :). It may
not taste wonderful, but rinsing your mouth or gargling (funny word hehe)
makes a difference and it doesn't hurt to try.
2. Water:
It's always good to live by the rule of drinking at least 8 cups
of water each day. However, when you're sick, try to aim for at least
10 cups. Your body loses a lot of fluids when you're sick, so we have to 
compensate for the lost fluids as well as remembering to stay hydrated 
as we always should be. Additionally, drinking water will help flush out
bacteria and toxins. It also helps with keeping your body cool. 

3. Emergen-C:
This stuff is amazing. When I drink it, my sore throat feels instantly better
and my stuffy or runny nose is gone. It's magical. Plus, it doesn't taste too
bad either. Kinda like the healthy version of orange soda. And you can find it
at most drugstores too and it's not very expensive at all.

4. Honey and Lemon:
Mixing some hot water or tea with honey and lemon 
will soothe your throat and relieve your sinuses. It tastes 
good, and it's another way to make your water taste a little
less boring ;). Plus, honey is a natural sweetener, and lemon 
is really good for your skin :).

5. Hot Showers:
Taking a hot shower or bath, or even using a steam machine
(if you have one) will relieve sinuses and relax you. When you're sick, 
you don't want to have to worry about school or work or any other problems.
Your main focus should be to recover :).


Never underestimate the power of Vitamin C ;) . It boosts your immune system
and it's important to drink lots of orange juice or eat lots of oranges/clementines/tangerines 
since our body is incapable of producing its own vitamin c. My friend and I both 
didn't feel well and had a mini unexpected tangerine party at school ;) :


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